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election fever

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

With the national elections fast approaching, it’s natural that the subject of “who will you vote for” comes up in almost every conversation. Even during my client meetings, everyone seems to have a “juicy piece” to share about a candidate that convinces them to vote or not to vote for somebody.

Im pretty much made up on who to vote for president and vice president.

But just as the writer Ana Pamintuan of Phil Star wrote, so much hype is going for presidentiables and vice presidentiable, but sadly NOBODY seems to care much about who they will vote for senatorial seats! And even local officials.

So on a personal level, I promise to do my own research on the senatoriables so that i can make an educated vote.

In closing, I may not know yet ALL of those I would want to vote, but I DO know some who I will DEFINITELY NOT VOTE, no matter how sugary sweet they appear on TV!

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New Year 2010!

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy new year!

It has been a great holiday break for me just resting and spending time with my family in the south. I loved waking up to the cool breeze of cavite, greeted by the aroma of warm breakfast wafting from the kitchen — toast, brewed coffee, crispy bacon, omelette…the works! I love breakfasts! That’s why hotel buffet breakfasts are a real treat for me.

I also enjoyed playing and horsing around with my 2 toddler nephews who are such a riot! One moment they would be all huggy and kissy…the sweetest angels you would want to keep, and the next moment they would be armed with water guns spraying water in your face and shouting nonsense at the top of their lungs like lunatics! No dull moment with these two boys. They drive me nuts and anyone who choose to watch over them actually.

This year I made the fastest gift-shopping. Just 3 trips to the mall and that’s it. Maybe because… a) Im such a cheapstakes, b) I knew beforehand what to buy or c) I hardly gave gifts to anyone this year. I’d like to think its “B”. Haha! Most of my gifts were well-thought of and were enjoyed by those who received them.

I also have hazy memory of New Year’s Eve . I drank a bit too much wine (I was drinking since lunchtime) and slept for the most part of the night and woke up briefly at midnight to the sounds of fireworks and greetings from my family while reading sms messages through blurry eyes. All in all it was a good time to cap the year that was 2009.

2009 was a tough year. But Im still standing. Thanks to His grace.

I believe 2010 would be a better year for me and for everyone in general!

On a side-note, I also enjoyed an afternoon walking at Chinatown (binondo) and having an authentic chinese lunch at Wai Ying (a hole-in-the-wall joint with fantastic dumplings, fried rice and Peking duck!).

Here’s to forgetting the pains of 2009 and welcoming the love and joys of 2010! CHEERS!!!

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What a race!

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

CIMG5960The only weekend in September that wasn’t stormed on…was the weekend that the first car adventure race in the Philippines was held…

The rules:

a Point to Point Race with Checkpoints (Manila – Baguio – San Fernando, La Union – Dagupan – Subic) The goal is to reach the Finish Line with the least time and within the limits of the law. A minimum time from point to point shall be set by Race Director using a theoretical computation between distance and maximum speed limits.

Every minute under theoretical time will mean incurring a penalty of plus 5 minutes. Map & Route were emailed to Participating Teams 5 days before Event Day, but Checkpoint Locations are only given on the day of the Event. There shall be one minute interval for the start of each car and Competitors will be issued score cards to keep track of route and times.

The result:

I was able to witness this cool event that brought together 36 teams with members from all over the metro. Starting point was held at the Ortigas Home Depot parking lot. As early as 6:00am the place was buzzing with excitement, with live coverage from radio station WAVE 88.3. Everyone was treated with hearty breakfast as send off.


The race took the teams through checkpoints all across the northern provinces all throughout the day. Each teams had stories and adventures to tell. Win or lose—everyone was energized by M150 energy drink. The race ended at Subic capped by a fun dinner and party that lasted througout the night.

All in all, it was a great event, with special favor from the Heavens (no storms!). Truly an awesome event for an awesome energy drink! M150, it works! 🙂

Post script: (Winners)


2nd Place: Team Dorifto (Car 088)- Ramon Arriola and Jonathan Arriola

3rd Place: Team Gateau de Manille (Car 711)- Pathrick Bautista and Joseph Quijano.

For more photos and race details visit:

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