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election fever

With the national elections fast approaching, it’s natural that the subject of “who will you vote for” comes up in almost every conversation. Even during my client meetings, everyone seems to have a “juicy piece” to share about a candidate that convinces them to vote or not to vote for somebody.

Im pretty much made up on who to vote for president and vice president.

But just as the writer Ana Pamintuan of Phil Star wrote, so much hype is going for presidentiables and vice presidentiable, but sadly NOBODY seems to care much about who they will vote for senatorial seats! And even local officials.

So on a personal level, I promise to do my own research on the senatoriables so that i can make an educated vote.

In closing, I may not know yet ALL of those I would want to vote, but I DO know some who I will DEFINITELY NOT VOTE, no matter how sugary sweet they appear on TV!

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