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Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano

Ever since we moved in Daanghari Cavite last 2008, I see this restaurant all the time. However because Daanghari itself is like “in a middle of nowhere” I never seemed to have the urge to really stop and try out the place. However, one of my best friends Jopay Dela Cruz who recently went on a European tour  and has tried out authentic european pizzas & pastas—told me that she has tried out Buona Vita in Daanghari I should try it too.

And so it happened last month, that because it was late (almost 10pm) and most shops were already closed/closing in atc, my friend and I decided to try our luck in Buona Vita.

We were on a “bet” on the way there. My bet was it was closed already. We got there about 9:50 and we were greeted by really unfriendly looks by the staff. When my friend asked if it was closed they said they close at 10pm so “yes” they were closed. My friend kept on insisting that it should be open because it wasn’t 10 yet (he just didnt want to lose on our bet).

Without hiding their reluctance, the waitress and cashier got our orders. They also stated first that the oven is shut off already so although we would have wanted to try out their pizza we simply should stick to pasta or pastries. Normally I would not accept this kind of treatment from a restaurant. But I was tired and didnt care to argue anymore. Besides, I also wasnt that hungry.

For appetizer we ordered Orostini Alla Romana which was simply mozerella, ham and fresh herbs. For pasta, we ordered Contadino which was sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, mushroom and cream-tomato sauce.

Good thing that despite their unfriendly staff, the food was indeed good. The only redeeming factor. Too bad we werent able to try out the other stuff…

Photo from its Facebook Account

I would highly recommend the food. And yes, I will still go back. But I would definitely warn my friends that even if the store closes strictly at 10. So coming in at 9:50 is as good as 10pm!  I sure hope that these staff will learn the art of customer service. And that it takes 10 years to create a loyal customer and 10 minutes to lose one.

But all is well that ends well. Bon apetit! 🙂

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